babys-first%e2%80%a8boo-booWell, baby girl (who will be referred to as “DD” from now on) turned 9 months old last Wednesday, and then Saturday got her first major “boo-boo”.   I’ll preface this by saying, thankfully, she wasn’t more hurt by the incident—it could have been really bad. We were visiting friends and had just sat down for lunch when DD (who was sitting on my lap) lunged forward and grabbed my bowl of boiling hot tomato soup, spilling it down her front.

Lesson learned: Even when you think you and baby are sitting far enough away from the table and the hot things on the table, you are not. Unless baby is in his/her high chair with attached tray (which of course we didn’t have at our friend’s house) push your hot bowl(s) to the very middle of the table and don’t even attempt to eat from them until someone else (who has already finished his/her hot food) can take over holding baby.

After the spill DD cried like I have never heard her cry. And, she kept crying. Our friends don’t have children yet, and I think our host husband was scarred for life by all the tears (though, I’ll note, he held it together and was so helpful, running around to get us whatever we needed).

Anyway, I immediately stripped DD down and then my husband (who is a doctor, thank God) took over. He put her in the sink and sprayed her off with cool water and then we lay her down on the bed and held cool compresses on her for the next 30 minutes.

It was the stuff of nightmares (I’ve had at least one a night ever since) and thankfully when all was said and done, poor DD “only” had some small burns on her right foot.

It was also challenging because we were at our friend’s house, over an hour away from home, so didn’t really have the supplies we needed to deal with the situation as best as we could have (e.g. Infant Tylenol—perhaps I should start carrying this in the diaper bag?). We did rush home—as fast as you can go when you have an hour+ drive—and after a nap DD was back in good spirits and seemed totally unfazed by the incident.

What do you keep in your diaper bag in case of an emergency like this?



nThis is my second attempt at creating and maintaining a blog.

Last year at this time, I made my first attempt. Then life got in the way (aka babies) and I used tiredness as an excuse not to write. I’m praying for more fortitude this year, even though extreme tiredness is imminent (baby boy will be born next month & baby girl just turned 9 months old on Wednesday—more on that later).

So instead of getting bogged down by the tiredness and difficulties of the upcoming months, I’m going to (pray for the fortitude to) write about them this time. Blogging is my primary new years resolution. I’ve realized that I need this outlet for my sanity, my pent-up creativity and for keeping my brain sharp (otherwise my brain literally turns into a pile of mush and I become a lazy individual who spends all her time online shopping).

So…Ready. Set. Go! Post number one is up.