Red Velvet Cake Mix Valentine’s Day cookies (w/ Cream Cheese Icing and Heart Sprinkles)

You can’t beat a 5 ingredient cookie recipe, especially when baking with kids! We made a Christmas version of these cookies back in December and my kids loved them. I secretly did too—the cookies tasted just like those thick, soft sugar cookies with the pad of icing on top that you can find in the bakery section of the grocery store.

I decided to adapt the recipe for Valentine’s Day. This time around my kids and I used red velvet cake mix and store-bought cream cheese icing. We topped it all off with some cute heart sprinkles.


For the cookies:

1 box (15.25 oz) Red Velvet Cake Mix (do not prepare)

2/3 All-Purpose Flour

1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil

2 tbs Sour Cream

2 Large Eggs


1 container cream cheese icing

Heart shaped sprinkles.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix cake mix, flour, oil, sour cream and eggs until blended and red color has permeated all the dough. If the dough gets too thick, you may need to use your hands to finish mixing the ingredients.

Roll into 1-inch balls.

Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet and flatten down with your fingers or with the flat base of a glass (until 1/2 inch thick).

Bake 10-12 minutes.

Let cool 20-30 minutes before removing from the cookie sheet and/or decorating.

Fill ziploc bag with icing. Cut off the tip and squeeze icing as desired over cookies. Sprinkle with hearts (and love!) and enjoy. 🥰

Recipe adapted from Together As A Family blog.