February Goals

So, I’ve been trying to stick to my new years resolutions but clearly the blogging every Monday has been a bit of a fail. My kids have been sick a lot (how is it that we got the stomach flu twice in the one month since bringing baby girl home from the hospital?!), and baby girl ended up having to be readmitted to the hospital for a time, so I’ve frankly been too exhausted to do much other than care for my family and sleep.  But here’s a break down of how I’ve done so far:

January: Establish and stick to daily prayer & home care routines while adjusting to life with a newborn, a one-year-old and a two-year-old. We’ve definitely been adjusting to our new life, however routines have not been as consistent as I’d like.

  1. Daily: “Discovery Prayer Process”/Bible Study + Rosary 30% achieved
  2. Daily: 1 chapter (or section) a night of a soul-strengthening book (Currently I’m reading The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson and love it!). 100% achieved
  3. Daily: Bedtime Dynamic Catholic prayer process 5% achieved
  4. Daily: 15 minutes (minimum) of blogging 40% achieved
  5. Daily: Wash, dry & fold 1 load of laundry 60% achieved
  6. Daily: Run the dishwasher at least once (if not twice) 100% achieved
  7. 3x a week: Breakfast Bible reading with kids 5% achieved
  8. 5x a week: Afternoon “tea time” + reading time with kids (Start with Bible if we didn’t do it at breakfast) 85% achieved
  9. 1x a week (preferably more): Take a walk (this is difficult with winter temperatures in the single digits) 75% achieved

Looking at the above and some notes I had jotted down before, I came up with my February goals:

  1. Daily: Bible study (read and reflect upon AT LEAST one chapter)
  2. Daily: 1 chapter (or section) a night of a soul-strengthening book (I’d like to read “Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide” by Clay Clarkson)
  3. Daily: 5 minutes (minimum) of blogging
  4. Daily: Wash, dry & fold 1 load of laundry
  5. 3x a week (M, W, F): Breakfast Bible reading with kids
  6. 5x a week: Afternoon “tea time” + reading time with kids (Start with Bible if we didn’t do it at breakfast)
  7. 1x a week (preferably more): Take a walk with the kids (this is difficult with winter temperatures).  I want to spend more time outside with our kiddos as we’ve been stuck in the house A LOT this winter.
  8. Give Facebook & online shopping for Lent

I do think I am making good progress towards my Big Picture Resolution (“Put on love…and let the peace of Christ control [my] heart. And be thankful…do[ing] everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.” (Col 3:14-17)), even if it’s not quite in the ways I had planned for the month.  Serving a sick family with a patient and generous heart (when you’re chronically sleep deprived yourself!) definitely fits the bill!  That said I do hope to meet my specific goals for the rest of February, and to hit the ground running (and keep running!) in March.

How have your 2018 resolutions been going?


happy-make-your-dreams-come-true-dayAccording to the morning radio show I listen to, today, January 13th, is “Make Your Dreams Come True Day”. On this fun holiday, you are supposed to do or plan to do something to help you achieve your dreams—so that’s what I’m going to write about.

Part of the purpose of this blog is to help me track my progress towards achieving my personal, non-baby related dreams. Right now I have one huge dream that I’ve been working towards for a decade, and I have a smaller, second dream (though I hesitate to call it that since it’s more of a goal and something I am interested in exploring, not something I am super emotionally invested in…yet).

The Big Dream: To continue my work as a writer and become a published author (hence the “Books” in the title of this blog, “Bumps, Babies & Books”). This is my “dream job”: to get paid to write books. I love writing middle grade and young adult fiction, and I have a middle grade novel that I’m polishing up. Steps I’ve taken to realize this dream include joining an awesome writers group, having members there critique the crap out of my manuscript, following agents on Twitter and reading blogs like QueryShark, and also joining the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and doing my best to attend conferences.

The Smaller goal: Teaching myself the basics of coding & web design. I love being home with DD, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I think it would be nice to one day go back to work when she’s in preschool (or at least have the option of doing so). I never really had a career I loved before becoming a SAHM; in fact, I worked a couple of jobs that I hated (Executive Assistant to the CEO of a small company, teacher in a rough, inner city school, and finally as a nanny). This blog itself is part of my attempt to get my hands dirty in web design stuff. I’m also working through sites like The Little Introduction to Programming (an AWESOME place for any newbie to start), and then going to move on to bigger challenges like Learn Python. My lil bro, who is a computer science genus, is giving me a “syllabus“ to follow for my “self-teaching”, and if it all goes well and I continue to be interested in coding & web design, in a few years I hope to attend one of the coding boot camps that are out there (see this NYT article).

What are you doing today to make your dreams come true?



nThis is my second attempt at creating and maintaining a blog.

Last year at this time, I made my first attempt. Then life got in the way (aka babies) and I used tiredness as an excuse not to write. I’m praying for more fortitude this year, even though extreme tiredness is imminent (baby boy will be born next month & baby girl just turned 9 months old on Wednesday—more on that later).

So instead of getting bogged down by the tiredness and difficulties of the upcoming months, I’m going to (pray for the fortitude to) write about them this time. Blogging is my primary new years resolution. I’ve realized that I need this outlet for my sanity, my pent-up creativity and for keeping my brain sharp (otherwise my brain literally turns into a pile of mush and I become a lazy individual who spends all her time online shopping).

So…Ready. Set. Go! Post number one is up.