A Daily Schedule for the SAHM with 2 Under 2

sahm2u2My babies are 10.5 months apart. I’ll be honest: for the first several months, we had no regular routine. It was all about survival and making sure everyone had slept, was fed and had clean clothes & diapers. I did try to get us out for a walk every day, so I guess you could say that was somewhat routine.

Fast-forward 8 months: we now thrive on schedules in this house (see my morning and evening routines here). My kiddos love knowing what to expect (and so do I), and regular meal and nap times help keep baby batteries charged. Here’s what a typical day in our life looks like:

5a-7:30a: Wake up and prepare for the day. (You can read about my morning routine here.)

7:30a/8am: DS wakes up and nurses. He is easily distracted when feeding, so I always try to get a good nursing session in before DD wakes up.

8a/8:30am: DD wakes up. Put on music (yey for the Toddler Dance station on Pandora) & have kiddos play independently while I make breakfast for DD. DD and I sit together at the table while she eats breakfast, and then it’s time for more independent play.

8:45a: Empty the dishwasher and put laundry on to wash. Pick up the house and do some light cleaning, such as vacuuming (Note: heavy cleaning, i.e. the bathrooms, has to wait until there is someone else around to monitor the kids).

9:30: Feed DS and put him down for a short morning nap.

10a/10:30a: In home educational activity for DD, and then once DS wakes up we head out to story time or go to a mommy & me play group. I’ll also use this time to go grocery shopping or run other errands on occasion (today we got our flu shots, yuck!).

12:00p: Lunch for DD & DS; DS nurses.

12:30p: DD & DS down for afternoon nap.

2:30p: DS & DD wake up from nap. We play for a bit and then I feed DS while DD gets 30 minutes of screen time (We stick to PBS shows right now—Daniel Tiger & Thomas and Friends are the current favs).

3:30p: Walk, park &/or errands.

5p: DD & DS eat dinner.

5:30p: Baths for both kids.

6p: Clean up toys and read together.

6:30p: Bedtime.

6:30-8:15p: See my evening routine here.

8:15p: Dream feed DS.

8:30p: Bedtime for me!

I also do dinner prep throughout the day. I use the crock pot a lot, try to have enough for leftovers, and make a fair number of simple meals (i.e. spaghetti). I love cooking, but this is sadly not the season for many exciting meals.


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