2019 Word of the Year

I’ve never had a “Word of the Year” before, but I received PowerSheets for my birthday and creating said word is part of the process of preparing for the new year.

And I think it’s a brilliant idea for anyone who wants to grow meaningfully in the new year (and especially for those of us who are easily distracted or tend to veer off course).

Having a word to follow through the year is like Colin O’Brady navigating an Antarctic white-out blizzard with no visibility or sense of direction, but but still being able to find his way to the Amundson-Scott Station with just his compass. No matter how limited your view of the weeks ahead, at least you have a point of reference; you know the direction in which you are traveling.

So for 2019, after a serious PowerSheets discernment process, my Word of the Year is FAMILY.

This is going to be my focus, the “north” on my compass if you will, specifically the FAMILY who live under the same roof as me (hubby and kids). I have a few “subtexts” to my word of the year as well, specifically RELATIONSHIPS (which was almost my Word, until I realized that the relationships I most need to cultivate are with my hubby and kids) and LIFE-GIVING HOME (making our home a haven for our FAMILY).

So cheers to 2019 being a year of joyful, life-giving growth for our FAMILY!

Do you have a Word of the Year? If so, what is it??

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