Irish Twins

irish-twinsI wrote the post below 3 months ago, or half a lifetime ago for DS.  I keep meaning to edit and post it, but clearly I’ve been slow…it’s taken 3 months to get around to it and that should be some insight for you into life with Irish Twins.

A little update: the past 3 months have gone by quicker than the first three with DS.  Things have been really, really hard lately. We just moved across the country from the Chesapeake Bay to the San Francisco Bay (more on that in a future post) which, to put it frankly, really sucked.

When I read the post below (written pre-move) about how everything was all happy and go-with-the-flow, I wanted to turn around and punch my old self in the face.  But, then I tried to look back in time through the sleep deprived haze that has settled in permanently around me, and I remembered: when you have a familiar location and a regular routine, Irish Twins are wonderful.

So, the post below gives me hope: I hope that as we continue to settle in to our new home here, to the new time zone and the new daily routines, that the babies will relax and feel comfortable in their environment once more.  Then I can be a happier, go-with-the-flow Mama again.

—From May 24th, 2016–

I am the mother of Irish Twins.  My baby girl (DD) is 13 months old, and my baby boy (DS) turns 3 months old tomorrow.

And whew, what a ride these past three months have been.

In many ways DS’s birth seems like a lifetime ago, which, for him, I suppose it was.  Before he was born, mothers with children close in age would happily reminisce to me about how these first few months would “be a blur” and how my kiddos would soon be “best friends” and “how great – in the long run – it was having children so close in age.”

Well mamas, as someone still in the thick of things who is not simply reminiscing, as someone whose *mom-nesia* has not yet set in, here’s my description what it’s really like to have Irish Twins these first few months:

It’s as if you’re *happily* fighting to keep your head above water; it’s as if you’re being swept off by a river of harsh rapids, *happily* almost drowning as you go, but because you know you won’t actually drown you are able *go with the flow* and enjoy the ride.

Yes, it’s hard.  Yes, it’s fun.  Yes, I am beat and look forward to the night when I can actually sleep a total of 8 hours again (or even 7 or 6 hours, especially if they’re consecutive!).

But, the good news is that even while I’m almost drowning in the rapids, I’m so happy my babies have each other.

It warms my heart to see DD crawl over to kiss her baby brother.

It warms my heart to see the way DS watches his big sister play, with wide eyes full of wonder.

It warms my heart to see DD bring her WubbaNub over to her baby brother when he cries.

So to any Mama out there trying to have Irish Twins, or to any Mama out there with an unexpected miracle on the way I say: YOU CAN DO IT.